• Past Projects

BBC Outreach Project 2011


'Live in Live On: Easton' was a two month community arts programme run by BBC Outreach in 2011. I was one of the artists who worked to bring generations together over the history of Easton, Bristol.

Live In Live On - promo

Education Co-ordinator at the Chiapas Photography Project, Mexico


Taken from the 'Regular Updates' section Feb-May 2010, you can see an inside view of some of the work I did with a group of Indigenous Photographers in Chiapas, Mexico.


The Waiting Rooms


In 2008 I worked in collaboration with artist Charlotte Randomly to tell the story of her home - an ordinary residential house in the heart of Bristol and a squat for almost three years.
Exhibited at the opening show of The Emporium, Stokes Croft, Dec 2008 which was a long term community art squat.